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  • 饮悦工坊 饮悦工坊


    Zhengzhou Jinshang Restaurant Enterprise Management Consulting Services Co., Ltd. is a brand, born in August 2009 in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, she has won the favor and affirmation of customers with a good image and the superiority of products, high-quality low-cost business strategy so that franchisees stand out in the fierce market competition.

    Let everyone drink healthy fruit tea.
    1. Pink Water Lillies
    2. Pond with Lillies
    3. Hidden Pond
    4. Shrine
    5. White Water Lillies
    6. Garden Walkway
    7. Lilly with Bee
    The development of milk tea can not be ignored with


    The development of milk tea can not be ignored with...

    The development of milk tea can not be ignored without brand accumulation. Milk tea project is well known for its popularity, and many entrepreneurs who invest in it have fallen into misunderstandings. In this rapid development of today, ex


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